30+ Day Intensive Deliverance & Curse Breaking Prayers:
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***IMPORTANT, READ THIS: We minister LIVE, DAILY, collectively to all who have signed up, whether they can join us LIVE or not, we minister on Youtube, Facebook, etc.
Benefit from our Daily Live and On Demand Satellite Prayers, Deliverance, House Cleansing and Blessing Prayers on behalf of our members and also on behalf of their entire household, including all humans and pets. Our prayers are taking place daily on youtube, facebook, and on other platforms as well. We are doing our best to go live for several hours a day, however there are times when our system may experience a down time for a few hours a day.
As a member you are NOT required to participate of our prayers, since they are intercessory prayers and work long distance with or without the direct participation of those who have signed up for them. ALL OUR PRAYERS WORK FOR OUR MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS.
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Deliverance Prayer against demonic assignments

Deliverance Prayer to cast out demons of depression, suicide, anxiety, etc. ..

Deliverance Prayer to break witchcraft, evil eye, curses, etc...

Your miracle is on its way to you!

Brother Carlos casting out your demons

Breaking financial curses of poverty, etc...

Deliverance prayer, curse breaking and spiritual warfare

Let it Play Daily: HOUSE CLEANSING & BLESSING PRAYER, by Brother Carlos
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